Places the poems have taken me, places the poems will take me yet

2020 feb 21 BROOKLYN: YOU & ME FOREVER (Action Books) Book Premiere at Books are Magic with Sara Deniz Akant, Julia Cohen, t’ai freedom ford, Christine Shan Shan Hou, Aristilde Justine Kirby, and Timothy Liu

2019 nov 19 NEW YORK CITY: CT:: SWaM ExChange 009 at Fridman Gallery with Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Lainie Fefferman, White Fire, and Nicole Carroll

2019 nov 9 BROOKLYN: VARIETY NITE at The Owl Music Parlor with Rahul Nair, Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Grey McMurray, and Dina Maccabee

2019 apr 22 TUCSON: Bad Monday at Casa Libre en la Solana

2019 apr 20 BROOKLYN: Strange Cuts at The Owl Music Parlor

2019 mar 9 HUDSON: Volume Reading Series at Spotty Dog Books & Ale

2019 feb 22 NEW YORK CITY: The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church

2018 may 11 BROOKLYN: LA SALA for No Dear Issue Launch

2018 apr 25 BROOKLYN: Small Claims Vol. 4 at JUNE Bar *with Lora Nouk, Erin Schwartz, Theo Thimo

2018 apr 23 BROOKLYN: Books Are Magic *with Chase Berggrun, Sahar Muradi, Jordan C Vaughn

2018 jan 10 BROOKLYN: Pacific Standard for Flapperhouse Reading Series

2017 nov 2 SAN FRANCISCO: Dog Eared Books *with Emily Carr

2017 nov 1 SEATTLE: Hugo House *with Amaranth Borsuk, Don Mee Choi, Jane Wong

2017 sept 24 LAWRENCE: Taproom Poetry Series *with TBA

2017 sept 21 ST LOUIS: Subterranean Books *with Gracie Leavitt

2017 july 27 TUCSON: University of Arizona Poetry Center

2017 july 25 HOUSTON: Kaboom Books *with Emily Bludworth de Barrios

2017 apr 13 NEW YORK CITY: NYU Spoken Word Festival

2017 mar 28 MISSOULA: Shakespeare & Co *with Henrietta Goodman

2017 mar 24: BOISE: Treefort Music Festival *with Bhanu Kapil

2017 mar 11: PROVIDENCE: The Publicly Complex Reading Series at Ada Books

2017 mar 10: BROOKLINE: Brookline Booksmith *with Sarah A. Sousa, Carolyn Zaikowski

2017 feb 11: WASHINGTON DC: Am I a Monster or Is This What It Means to Be a Person? at Rhizome DC *with Aaron Apps, Nat Baldwin, Claire Donato, Johannes Göransson, Elizabeth Hall, Brandon Hobson, Amy King, Robert Lopez, Vi Khi Nao, Julie Reverb, Joanna Ruocco, Abraham Smith

2017 jan 26: PHILADELPHIA: L’Etage *with Faye Chevalier, Gabe Kruis

2017 jan 16: BROOKLYN: Spoonbill and Sugartown, Booksellers *with Diannely Antigua, Madeleine Braun, Parker Menzimer, Martina Salisbury

2017 jan 15: WASHINGTON DC: DC Arts Center *with Miriam Suzanne

2017 jan 13: BROOKLYN: Pete’s Candy Store *with Kamilah Aisha Moon, Billy Merrell

2016 dec 11: SEATTLE: Margin Shift @ Common Area Maintenance *with Vi Khi Nao, Prageeta Sharma, Ken White

2016 dec 10: PORTLAND: Mother Foucault’s Bookshop *with Emily Carr, Vi Khi Nao

2016 dec 9: DENVER: The Leon Affair at Leon Gallery *with Tina Brown Celona, Noel Black

2016 dec 8: BOULDER: Innisfree Poetry Bookshop *with Elisa Gabbert, A. Minetta Gould, Eleni Sikelianos

2016 dec 4: OMAHA: Milk Run *with Daphne Calhoun, Paul Hanson Clark, Steve Langan, Rebecca Macijeski, Michelle Troxclair

2016 dec 2: CHICAGO: City Lit Books *with Toby Altman, Julia Cohen, Hannah Brooks-Motl

2016 dec 1: CINCINNATI: Secret House Reading *with Dana Ward, Cathy Wagner, Tyrone Williams

2016 nov 20: LOS ANGELES: Poetic Research Bureau *with Anne Lesley Selcer

2016 nov 16: TUCSON: Casa Libre en la Solana *with Jane Miller, TC Tolbert

2016 nov 15: AUSTIN: Malvern Books *with Dalton Day, Taisia Kitaiskaia, Lisa Olstein

2016 nov 12: NEW ORLEANS: Maple Street Bookshop *with Lara Glenum, Rodrigo Toscano, Laura Theobald, Afton Wilky

2016 nov 10: BALTIMORE: Atomic Books *with Meg Eden, Rachel Eisler

2016 nov 9: ATHENS: Avid Bookshop *with Brigitte Byrd, Gina Abelkop

2016 nov 6: BROOKLYN: BookCourt *with Debora Kuan, Dorothea Lasky, Amy Lawless, Rachel Levitsky, Niina Pollari, Camille Rankine, Emily Skillings, Paige Taggart

2016 nov 4: PHILADELPHIA: Big Blue Marble Bookstore *with Emily Abendroth, Natalie Lyalin, Pattie McCarthy, Jenn Mccreary

2015 oct 22 @ 800pm: Mellow Pages Presents: A Benefit Reading for Silent Barn at Molasses Books (Brooklyn, NY) with Vanessa Gabb, Roberto Montes, Molly Rose Quinn, Adam Wilson, Mike Lala and Natalie Eilbert

2015 oct 20 @ 700pm: Production Possibility at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop (Brooklyn, NY) with Aaron Kunin, Martine Bellen, Montana Ray and Jacqueline Waters

2015 june 21 @ 1230pm: Popsickle: Brooklyn’s Literary Festival at Soda Bar (Brooklyn, NY) with Joshua Cohen, Oriana Leckert, Miles Klee, Lauren Wilkinson, Diana Norma Szokolyai, Giovanna Olmos, Natalie Chin, Annie Malamet and Maud Deitch

2014 oct 16 @ 800pm: People with Feelings at Mellow Pages Library (Brooklyn, NY) with Matt Nelson, Rebekah Bergman, Rita Bullwinkel and Sascha Fletcher

2014 oct 4 @ 600pm: The Publicly Complex Reading Series at Ada Books (Providence, RI)  with Ewa Chrusciel and Justin Petropoulos

2014 apr 5 @ 600pm: O Balthazar at Symposium Books (Providence, RI) with Maria Anderson and other special guest writers

2014 mar 14 @ 800pm: O Balthazar at Molasses Books (Brooklyn, NY) with Rebekah Bergman, Rita Bullwinkel, Dolan Morgan and Alexis Pope

2014 feb 26 @ 800pm: The Buzzard’s Banquet (Brooklyn, NY) at Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt Ave. Prospect Heights) with Royal Young, Rosie Rebel, Dolan Morgan, Naomi Serrano and Chris Campanioni, with music from Dead Horse Bay

2014 jan 17 @ 730pm: O Balthazar Presents: A Book Release Celebration at Mellow Pages Library (Brooklyn, NY)