Latest pubs:

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10 excerpts from I did it I said it, a book-length poem, published by FANZINE

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3 excerpts from I did it I said it, a book-length poem, published by Yes Poetry

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5 excerpts from Supernova, published by Cloud Rodeo (Issue 12)

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5 excerpts from lovechild, a book-length poem, published by Cosmonauts Avenue (Summer 2016)

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4 excerpts from lovechild, a book-length poem, published by Prelude (Summer 2016)



Older pubs:

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1 poem published in an earlier version by Volt magazine (Spring 2014): “perennial the war magicians miscommunication earth in flesh deaths perennial howevers howevers evers miscommunication”

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5 poems published in earlier versions by New Delta Review (Winter 2010): “trunk”; “children’s rhymes, or, x-rays”; “laugh       in the desert”; “dance       in the sea”; “anyway onwards the color of the cloud is too thick to locate where”

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1 poem published by Denver Quarterly (Summer 2013) in print only: “murals.eavesdropping.murals.withdoowop.withdeepdoowop”

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1 poem published by DIAGRAM (Issue 13.3) and later published in my third full-length collection e f g: “forgive & forget”